Sunday, 15 January 2012

pinboard palettes

Today the studio looks amazing. It looks amazing because for once it isn't busy with layers of fabrics, printed cards, threads, furniture at awkward unpassable angles. I have had a crazy week, and although I love nothing more when the studio is bursting with colour and 'stuff' - my eyes crave blank walls and space while I return to orders, projects and the making table.

The week is planned and I am now currently finalising the colour palettes to a new collection to be launched in February. I always adore grey, my walls are painted in Lamp Grey and I love how it seduces any colour that crosses it's path from translucent peppermint greens to bright lipstick red. I bought these paper lanterns from Northern Lights Interiors just before Christmas, they hung amongst large paper snowflakes. The snowflakes are now gone and they have been left to hang in the studio. I love them. I love them that much that they are now the influence to my new collection as well as the yellow wardrobe that is currently renting a space in here (while I clear room in the girls 'den' although it may stay)....

The roses came home with me after the photoshoot, and they reveal new colours every day. I keep photographing them every few hours as they change and the light in the studio changes...

But a strong influence for the new palettes

is my continued obsession with the floral paintings

of Vernon Ward' -

I am aiming to fill my living room walls with his work.

who/what inspires you?


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